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Day 8: BUD

Posted on: Wednesday, October 19, 2011

This is my best friend Ellen Lekas, but I never refer to her as Ellen unless I am upset with her. I can pretty much tell you everything you need to know about her. But here are the basics some basics (filtered for public viewing purposes).

Her strongest desire is to know and love the Lord. She goes to U of O... I will never support anything about that. She is the President of her sorority, Pi Phi. No big deal:) She has a droppy lip, pear nose, and the worlds greatest wedding ring finger. The bottom of her bed under the sheets is filled with socks. She is a genuine genius, and has the resume of a champion. She loves diet coke, coffee, halls, half baked ice cream, and thin pancakes. She is also a DECA and DI champ, and she is extremely talented at making movies. She doesn't like hot tubs and she falls asleep during all movies. She never checks her voicemail, and she writes with scratchy pens (yuck). She ties her sweatshirt sideways around her body, and has permanent chaco tan lines on her feet. She is a bomb Young Life leader in Eugene, and she worked all summer as the head lifeguard intern at Creekside. She can accomplish way more in one day than any human being I know. She actually knows a lot about sports, and she understands football. One day she is going to marry one BLESSED man, and he has some high standards to meet. She has enough sweatshirts to feed the Corvallis homeless population. She works hard with all her heart at all she does. She is a hospitable, bold, trustworthy, welcoming, creative, loving, humble, serving, woman of God:)

Our friendship is pretty much the ultimate of all extreme ultimateness that ever existed. And yes I will defend that statement competitively. However, I tried to make this blog actually about her, and not BudLIFE.
It all started with a pair of slippers... and lasted through "D-day" so I'm convinced with all certainty that we will be in our 80's turnin and burnin down the backside of Mt. Bachelor and sittin' in RFC talkin bout Jesus:)


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