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Throwin' MORE shoes

Posted on: Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Threw 2 more pairs of red runnin' shoes this week. One in Sana Barbra by a railroad trussel (while we were on our road trip), and one near the farm in Molalla (where we go every 4th of July, and to get our Christmas tree and make wreathes in the winter). Over the years I have kept every pair of running shoes that I have ever had. I spray paint them red, write notes on/in them, say a prayer, and throw them on telephone wires near places significant to my life. It is sort of a way that I express "letting go" and "letting God." I started throwing them when I graduated high school. My first pair still hangs on the wire in front of Sunset High School, with a note in it that I wrote to myself the night before graduation. On the bottom of every pair I write "ALWAYS MORE." These words represent the way I strive to live, based on my motives for living that way. These words are always ringing in my ears, or written on my hand as my life reminder. They remind me that this present world and everything in it passing away, yet there is "ALWAYS MORE" to look forward to in the New Heavens (Matthew 6:19-21). When I run, these words remind me that I ALWAYS have MORE strength, power, and endurance in Christ (Isaiah 40:31). When I am tired or burnt out, these words remind me that I ALWAYS have MORE to draw from in Christ (Ephesians 3:20). When I get cut off on the road or treated rudely, these words remind me that there is ALWAYS MORE to someones story than what I know. When I am filled with joy, these words remind me that Christ will ALWAYS overfill me with MORE joy as I look to Him. With Christ Jesus there is ALWAYS MORE to look forward to, MORE to be thankful for, MORE to give, MORE fun to be had, MORE blessings to receive, MORE fruit to bear, MORE growth in faith, MORE peace to experience, MORE mercy to grant, MORE wisdom to gain, and MORE reason to Love. These red shoes hang high as a reminder that in Christ Jesus there is ALWAYS MORE. I pray that these shoes would mark my thankfulness towards the blessing I have been given so undeservedly. Just as my shoes remain hanging firm on the wire through wind and storms, in the same way I pray that I would remain in Christ. That nothing would sway me but the Lord.

Here are couple pictures:

Washington Family Ranch

Mt. Bachelor under the Skyline chairlift

Sunset High School

Castaway Club Minnesota

‎"He is infinite and we are finite; there will ALWAYS be MORE of His character to discover, MORE of His love to experience, and MORE of His power to use for His purposes." Francis Chan


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