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Posted on: Tuesday, October 22, 2013

1 John 5:4-5 "For everyone born of God overcomes the world. This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith. Who is it that overcomes the world? Only the one who believes that Jesus is the son of God."

This verse in the message says " Every God-begotten person conquers the worlds ways.  The conquering power that brings the world to it's knees is our faith..."

Tonight I had the privilege to give the "snap shot" at girls group.  I was asked to do it two weeks ago, but oh how the Lord had better things in mind when he told me to wait.  These past few weeks have been erratic, tearful, inspiring, comforting, and heart breaking.  But the Lord has reminded me of His faithfulness and relentlessly whispered in my ear that I am an overcome because the same power that conquered the grave lives in me.  

My "snap shot": 

"So since we talked about story lines and backstories a couple weeks ago... I figured I would give you a guys a little bit of “backstory” to give you some “context” on my life.  I’m originally from Portland Oregon, I came to Oregon State because I love fields and railroad tracks.  I’m double majoring in marketing and entrepreneurship, and last summer I did an internship at Nike in the sports marketing department so Lord wiling I have “penciled plans” to work their when I graduate.  I walked on the cross country and track team as a freshman, and eventually by the grace of God earned a scholarship shortly after.   I also started leading young life my freshman year at Linus Pauling middle school where I met my group of girls when they were 7th graders at linus pauling.. now they are juniors at corvallis high school! Other things about me... I love red lipstick, my headboard is a barn door that I made out of old gates and 2x4’s, I like to journal and I probably have 30 journals dating back to when I was 8 years old, I was blessed to be raised in a family that knows and loves the Lord and my sister Margo also goes to Oregon State and leads young life she’s here tonight, I write on my hands a lot (which started in high school when I used to write the words “always more” on my hands during my races to remind me that in Christ I always had more than I thought - it stemmed from the verse  in ephesians that says “now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than you could ever ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us ”) andddddd I’ve been in a long distance relationship for two years and my boyfriend  is the taller twin from little people big world, he goes to school in Santa Barbara. 

Ok now for the real stuff... so some of you may have noticed that I am currently on crutches... they truly are a great segway into a story I want to share with you tonight.  Throughout college I have battled just about every injury and sickness you can imagine... ranging from swing flu to bone tumors... but the worst of it all has been my 3 year myseterious battle agaisnt my GI system.  I’ll spare you the medical details.. but basically 3 years ago i started experiencing severe stomach problems. After receiving several diagnosises and treatment plans, I started feeling a lot better for a time.  I was able to have one full year where I was running and healthy and I actually went from being a walk on freshman to the team captain.  Long story short flash foward to the winter of last year my stomach was so bad I was just constantly sick and I couldn’t function like an normal human.  I woke up every day sick and in pain crying out to the Lord to heal me and renew my body.  I ended up dropping out of school for winter term last year to move home and seek out medical care without trying to run, lead young life, and go to school at the same time.  It was one of the darkest times of my life and I literally felt hopeless. I got to the point where it was so hard to pray the same prayer over and over I had to start praying the psalms and using God’s words because mine didn’t seem sufficient.  I even rewrote the psalms in my own words as I continued to cry out to the Lord for healing.  After a long long period of suffering I can stand before you all today and say that I have no other explanation other than  THE LORD MY GOD HEALED ME. I cannot express the magnitude of those words enough.  The Lord Healed me.  I returned to school in the spring and was battling yet another injury but I was able to swim and bike with no pain.  This summer I was able to run all summer without pain or sickness! And then this fall I ran my first race in 2 years!! During the race I heard my dad cheering for me and he said “ it’s a great day to be alive!” and I started balling.  I was so overwhelmed with joy for how much the Lord had helped me overcome.

{My first race in 2 years. Praise God for the miracle, and thank God for blessing me with this incredible teammate to run with for your glory.}

My aunt was one of the many people who prayed for me fervently during my sickness.  One time when she was praying for me she told me that God gave her the world “OVERCOMER” to pray over me.   She said that she had a vision of me and I had the word “overcomer” written on my forehead.  I thought it was interesting that it was written on my forehead so that other people could see it but I couldn’t  see it myself.  

I never thought much more of this until 2 weeks ago (the day that caused me to need those crutches....) I read this devotional that came to my e-mail account:  

'Have I not said to you fear not? For, you have read that again and again in My word and yet you have fear and anxiety over some of the things that are going on in your life. And, I would ask you today, why? When My command is fear not, meaning that you are to trust Me with the whole of your life; you are to trust Me in the events that take place in your life. And, you are to trust Me even in the very circumstances that you live in and that you are going through. Trust in Me, says the Lord. For, if you trust in Me your faith will arise and you will become that which you are to be. You will be an overcomer; you will overcome these tribulations; you will overcome these matters. Why, you say?  Because I am with you to bring you through into victory in every case. So, again I say, fear not. But rather be moved into a place of humility, allow My peace and joy to abide upon you, and surely everything will be all right, says the Lord.'

The word OVERCOMER stood out and I had a flash back.  I ended up sending this to one of my teammates Lacey because she was heavy on my heart when I read it.  Similar to my aunt praying for me to believe that in Christ I am an overcomer.  I felt burdened to pray for my teammate that she would believe that in Christ she is an overcomer.  The next day I was talking with my roommate Corrine and we ended up talking about this theme of being an “overcomer” because Christ overcame.  And if the same power that overcame the grave lives in us, then we too can be OVERCOMERS!

Last week after girls group Lacey came over to my house because my roommate Corrine had written a song about her that she wanted to sing for her.  Little did I know... she also wrote a song for me titled.... “Overcomer.” If I could sing without sounding like a cat dying I would sing it.  It was absolutely amazing.  2 days later I found out that I have a stress fracture in my sacrum that will take 8-12 weeks to heal, and our PAC 12 championships are next weekend.. Like that my body is broken yet again.  But this time it somehow seems different. Although this was not how I anticipated my final cross country season to end, I know that the Lord is up to something.... and I trust it.  Why?  Because His past faithfulness demands my present trust."

The Lord wanted me to share that tonight.  It was evident as I spoke the words, "THE LORD MY GOD HEALED ME" that I needed to proclaim those words and give Him praise and glory for the renewal and healing that only He could satisfy. I truly believe that the Lord wanted me to humble my self and be vulnerable in sharing a snap shot of my story tonight. My prayer is that it will be a snap shot of a much bigger story. Of your story Lord.    

This is the song my roommate wrote and so beautifully sang for me:


I've fallen time and time again but you life me up, yeah you lift me up when lightening strikes and sorrow bends you surround me, you surround me you lift me up on wings like eagles I won't grow faint, I won't grow faint
Jesus you have made me an overcomer, an overcomer Jesus you've established my feet, you've held my hands I won't be defeated Instead I will overcome
As trials rise and fears increase you still my soul, you still my soul when grace seems far and sin traps me you make me new, you make me new you lead me into your strong arms I will abide, I will abide

Jesus you have made me an overcomer, an overcomer Jesus you've established my feet, you've held my hands I won't be defeated Instead I will overcome
My body breaks and I am weak You sustain me, yes you sustain me The world it seeks to make me stumble I will stand firm, in you I'm firm you took me in and planted my roots You call me deeper, I will go deeper
Jesus you have made me an overcomer, an overcomer Jesus you've established my feet, you've held my hands I won't be defeated Instead I will overcome

Overcomer, Jesus you overcame Jesus you lift me up In you I can overcome

{Last spring I had this vision of "overcoming barriers" I've never done the steeple chase before, but my combination of aggressiveness, strength and flexibility has always inclined my coaches to persuade me. I wanted to try it last year but wasn't healthy enough... I felt like last spring the Lord told me that I was going to overcome barriers both physical, and metaphorically.  I almost feel as if He has been affirming that even more in light of my current circumstances.  It is my deepest desire to be overcoming barriers for the sake of His kingdom coming to our world.}


  1. So I stumbled upon your blog today and was reading this blog post while waiting in the carpool line to pick up my son from school. As soon as I finished reading it and started my car up to drive forward in the line, the song playing on the radio was "You're an Overcomer" by Mandisa.'s that for confirmation? Awesome how God works. Thank you for sharing these words of wisdom.

    1. WOW that is crazy!!! I had never heard that song actually but I just heard it on my pandora a few weeks back actually! But the lyrics that I posted in this blog post are the words to a song that my roommate wrote and sang for me. I might ask if I can post the recording of her singing it because it is beautiful truth.

  2. Wow this was incredibly inspirational. Thank you for lighting up my day, I now feel like I have the power to overcome anything especially in the hands of God. You are a truly amazing writer and I cannot wait for more on your blog. Keep doing what you are doing, I wish you much success in this crazy world. :)

    1. Thank you than you. Jesus already OVERCAME the world, and the same power that conquered the grave lives in us so we should live like overcomers. Again, thank you for your sincere kind words they bless me:)

  3. okay this is about to be so random. I stumbled across your blog through a friend of a friend, and read this post about overcoming with Christ. what stuck out to me the most was when you wrote about battling your GI system - you had to drop out of school to seek medical attention. get this - TODAY, the very day I read your blog, my parents and I just decided that I needed to stay home for the spring semester to heal from a lingering concussion that I just can't seem to get over. it was such a hard choice, and reading this really confirmed for me that I am making the right one. glory to God!

    battling against my head (literally) has been tough. headaches, lack of concentration and focus, exhaustion - it's been a hard four months. but goodness gracious, your story has been so encouraging to me, I just hope that I can encourage someone as much as you have me.

    the Lord is using you - honestly. He works so intricately in our lives, and I was reminded of that today as I read a blog post posted three months ago that totally and completely applies to me in this day. keep on keepin' on, girl. :)

    much love, Sam (antha) Gienke

    1. Lovely Sam,

      I will be praying for the Lord to bring complete and whole restoration to your entire being so that you can proclaim His name as healer and redeemer of your life. The decision that you made is not an easy one, but the Lord proves Himself faithful when we seek quietness and rest. I know helpless it seems and how hard it is to continue praying redundant prayers for healing, but don't give up! God is going to use you even during this time. We might know know until we can ask Him face to face the specific reasons why we had to endure certain hardships, but all we can do is trust that He is orchestrating something that is FOR OUR GOOD, and for the good of those who love Him. I hope and pray that Lord comforts you through His spirit, His word, His people, and His creation.

      You WILL be healed.

      Be blessed!


  4. My husband has Crohn's Disease; it sounds a lot like what you're dealing with. Good luck with everything. God Bless.

  5. Thank you for your incredible word. It blessed my soul. Been dealing with a broken marriage for 3 years. Couldnot figure out how to roll on. Tonight I know I am an Overcomer. Thanks girl....


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