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Posted on: Monday, September 9, 2013

The 2013 XC Season is here!
As I was lying awake in bed one night a couple weeks ago, I thought of a neat way to share/display our goals for this year's cross-country season!  This year for our goal setting I had each of the girls bring a pair of insoles from their old running shoes.  On one sole, I had them write down 3 goals:
1. Personal goal
2. Short-term goal
3. Long-term dream
On the other sole I had them write down a creative word that cohesively represents all three goals.  The team kept their sole with the goals on it, and hung it up on their lockers in our locker room.  Then I complied all the soles with the words that each girl came up with, and I archived them in the shape of a heart to hang up in our locker room.  The picture below is the WIP (work in progress). I'm thinking of painting the "run with..." part on the two panels of the pallet inside the heart.... 

Run with heart and "sole"

A couple weeks after our goal setting night, we had our first race at Blue Lake Park in Portland, Oregon.  As I was praying for my teammates, I decided to write a prayer that incorporated the words from our soles! Below is a prayer for each of the girls goals and dreams.

Dear God,
This is our race day prayer.  Give us the COURAGE to RISE UP and BELIEVE that TOGETHER we can CONQUER new PEAKS.  May we step to the starting line with PASSIONATE DEDICATED hearts that are willing to TAKE RISKS.  Let us run with RESILIENCE towards a finish line of REDEMPTION.  I pray that we would persevere with PATIENCE and that our TENACITY would lead us to triumph.  We believe that you called us to be WARRIORS, so when we step to battle, assure us that we have everything we need already inside of us.  And when we think we don’t have anything left, be our UNRELENTING reminder that we ALWAYS have MORE.  May our CONSISTENT COMMITMENT to each other, to this sport, and to you, lead us to victory.  We DEDICATE this race to you.  Amen.

I'm gonna try to BE a more consistent blogger this year... so more to come in my next post about my first cross country race in 2 years!!! Praise the Lord. Always. More.


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