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Be a sister

Posted on: Saturday, May 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Jack!

Birthday Brother Poem:
You're the pain to my neck
And the cards to my deck
I'm the curl to your hair
And the clothes that you wear

You're the art to my room
And the third one out the womb
I'm the songs to your CD's
And the poles to your skis

You're the scratches to my longboard
And the scarf I couldn't afford 
I'm your transportation to the mall
And encouragement when you fall

You're my only little brother
And the patience to our mother 
I hope you have a bomb birthday
And everything goes your way


  1. Loved the poem Audrey! :oD Happy Birthday Jack!!

  2. Hii Audrey! Missing your posts! God Bless! ^^ <33


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