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BE Honest

Posted on: Friday, March 8, 2013

Lately I have been praying the Psalms.  It has been a good way for me to pray with assurance that I am asking in accordance with the Lords will, and to be honest, it is also a nice break from my often forced and redundant prayers. In the past I have heard the Holy Spirit's whispers as I rewrite the Psalms in my own words.  I was doing this for a while as a "response" to God's love letter (the Bible) that was written to us, awaiting our response. 

Here is my honest prayer as I read and rewrote Psalm 57:

"Have mercy on me, Oh Healer, be merciful to me, 
for I confide and trust in you, under cover of your umbrella I will stay protected from the Portland skies, 
even though the storm rages all around me.  
I will wait with you. 
2 I will cry out to the Great Physician, 
the One who promises great plans for my future. 
3 I know You can heal me and I know Your healing
is greater than any other doctor or treatment.  
God please send me the fruition of your faithfulness 
by Your merciful compassion and love. 
4 My whole being seems under constant attack, 
and even everyone and thing that I once loved seems a burden. 
5 I only want to honor and bring glory to Your name Jesus, 
for Your burden is light. 
6 Oh God I ask that these troubles and strongholds would be under my feet.  Burn them up until they are ashes 
and never able to rise up again. 
7 My heart is undividedly devoted to You 
and every day I give it to You 
and lay before You my heart's cry. 
8 I want my life to be a joyful melody again Lord, 
RENEW my life in order that I might announce Your glory.  
I want to sing Your praises in the morning, 
rather than the mourning. 
9 I thank You Lord that when I am healed 
I can give all thanks and praise to You.  
I want everyone to know You did it Lord! 
10 Your love can redeem anything.  
It is faithful forever and you remind us of that 
through sweet simplicities of Your creation.  
11 I pray that Your presence in all things would manifest itself in all the earth and in more and more human hearts." 


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