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Posted on: Friday, July 13, 2012

TASTE: Key lime pie with my breakfast the past three days... mmmm.  I love double cream lemon and key lime pie.  Oh the sweet creamy combo.  All I have to say about this is THANK YOU JESUS. YUM! 

SEE: I was at OHSU waiting in the deserted hospital till 9 pm for my MRI and CT scan last night.  I wandered around the vacant halls until I stumbled upon a glass bridge that connected two separate wards of the hospital.  There was a little table with a couple chairs conveniently located in the middle of it.  I sat down and this is what I was staring at... breathtaking.  My phone had died on the drive over, so I had no way of talking to anyone or starring at a 2x5 screen to make the time pass.  It was like the Lord was saying "hey Audrey, I'm much bigger than that iphone of yours... look!"  I sat in silence staring out over the city in all it's God breathed beauty.  I'm so thankful for the blessed time I was able to spend in peaceful prayer.  


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