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Day 14: A picture of you last year... how you have changed

Posted on: Friday, November 4, 2011

I believe I am in a mode of life that is in a constant state of change. Each day is a constant striving to be more full of love, compassion, mercy, justice, faithfulness, thankfulness, praise, gentleness, self-control, trust, grace, humility, patience, and joy. It would be my hope that I embody MORE of these characteristics as I grow and learn and lean on the Lord, but there is ALWAYS MORE to strive towards, and I know I will forever fall short.

Along with my every day hope to be changed and formed more into the woman of God that the Lord desire's me to be, here's a few of the "froms" and "toos"

From cinnamon roll lover... to gluten-free
From twice a week showerer... to more than that
From the "just me and God" single mentality... to boyfriended:)
From boy jeans and backward hats... to a bit more girly...
From 4:47... to 4:34
From injured... to letterman's jacket
From lover of Jesus... to more in love with Jesus
From coffee obsessed... to moderation
From Facebook... to Pinterest
From crazy driver... to grandma cautious
From lover of rain... to craver of sun
From Oregon State student... to Marketing Major
From Wildlife leader... to Young Life leader
From PAC 10... to PAC 12
From spread myself thin... to bloom where I am planted
From railroad track obsessed... to more railroad track obsessed


  1. umm yeah. loved this post. it is crazy to think how much we, as one person, can change in the period of a year.


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