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Day 13. Goals

Posted on: Tuesday, November 1, 2011

GOAL: To bear His image, not my own. "So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them." Genesis 1:27

This might sound like a word vomit.... But this has been the specific goal pressed upon my heart for a while now. Although I set many goals with, running, relationships, school, Young Life, career, ect. I find myself gravitating back to this ultimate, unachievable, encompassing goal. This goal of bearing the image of Christ, "Christlikenss." For me, this requires a constant striving to rid me of myself, in order to better reflect Jesus. This goal tugs at me each morning to pray against bearing this image of "Audrey" that I have allowed my own selfishness to shape. To be honest, I haven't really struggled that much with wanting to be like everyone else, and I never really had a certain person that I aspired to be like. I think my struggled has always fallen more along the lines of wanting so badly to "be myself," that I lost sight of the calling to bear the image of Jesus. I find myself often trying to live up to this image of "Audrey" that I have crafted up. This tempts me to approach many situations by asking myself "what would Audrey do to better portray Audrey," rather than "what would Jesus do to better portray God." I think it is in our human nature to portray and organized, consistent personality, of ourselves. We won't do things that would defy our personality, because it makes us feel uncomfortable, and it causes other people to question. This being said, it strikes me to the core when people say stuff like "oh of course they would do that" or "I've just always been that way" as if having lost all hope of change. I want to live more outside of my comfortable Audreyness. I want to embrace the call to bear an image that constantly demands MORE of me, in order that I might be MORE like Jesus, who is far greater than I will ever be. And how do I reach towards this goal? Pray like crazy....


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