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southern state of mind

Posted on: Sunday, September 11, 2011

For some reason...

I always fancied living in the south, or growing up there in the 50's. The closest I've ever been so far is Hill City, Kansas. I went there when I was a kid for a family reunion. I remember the warm nights running around catching fire flies and putting them under our nails. I often dream about livin' in an old country house by the river with a giant willow tree in the yard. And I wouldn't mind a good ol beefy porch with a swing to curl up in. I'd watch the sunrise with Bible and cup of creamed coffee, and sway back n' forth sippin' my tea in the evenings staring out over the moonlight fields waiting to hear the train horn:) Not too much to ask is it?

I love country music, but especially the folky authentic bluegrass type with some banjo, harmonica, and fiddle playin' in em. Needtobreathe status.

I just wanna be where every blanket is a quilt, every yes is followed by ma'am, every chair rocks, every breakfast is farm fresh, every car is a truck, all the roads are dirt, all the food is freshly fried, the pants are suspended, the horses wear shoes but the people don't, every restaurant is a diner, every sentence is in slang, every church seat is an old white pew, and everyone has the best accents of all.

The heavens declare the glory of the Lord and the earth reveals His handiwork. Ps. 19:1


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